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Find Flight Data And Airport Information For Any Location.

Powerful REST API for real-time flight status and tracking information. Live data for flights, airports, schedules, timetables, IATA codes, and more.

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    'success': true,
    'data': [
            'aircraft': {
            'iataCode': 'B739',
            'icao24': 'A46CE1',
            'icaoCode': 'B739',
            'regNumber': 'N38424'
            'airline': {
            'iataCode': 'UA',
            'icaoCode': 'UAL'
            'arrival': {
            'iataCode': 'BOI',
            'icaoCode': 'KBOI'
            'departure': {
            'iataCode': 'DEN',
            'icaoCode': 'KDEN'
            'flight': {
            'iataNumber': 'UA497',
            'icaoNumber': 'UAL497',
            'number': '497'
            'geography': {
            'altitude': 2385.06,
            'direction': 274,
            'latitude': 43.46,
            'longitude': -115.88
            'speed': {
            'horizontal': 490.78,
            'isGround': 0,
            'vspeed': 0
            'status': 'en-route',
            'system': {
            'squawk': null,
            'updated': 1692298926

Any flight worldwide, at your fingertips

Whether it's building booking platforms, visualizing and monitoring global flights or creating popular flight tracking applications — our flight data API is used by thousands every day.

Live Flights

Experience real-time access to live flights, flight status, historical flight records, schedules, airline routes, airports, and aircraft information through the Flight Labs API.

Worldwide Coverage

With comprehensive coverage, our API offers the most precise repository of airports, historical flights, schedules, status updates, airline routes, aircraft details, and various other information worldwide.

Powerful Infrastructure

The Flight Labs API utilizes a scalable cloud infrastructure capable of accommodating a wide range of traffic volumes, ranging from thousands to millions of queries per minute.

How to use?


1. Create an Account

Begin by setting up a FlightLabs account.


2. Input Parameters

From there, choose the desired endpoint or input the IATA Code or ICAO code for airports or airlines.


3. Run the API

Finally, press the “run” button, and you’re finished! The API response will appear on your screen.


Our flight data API is the perfect tool for your next project — whether you are building a booking platform, visualizing and monitoring global flights, or creating a flight tracking application. Thousands are using our API every day.

Real-Time Flight

This endpoint is capable of information about all flights in the world flights and retrieving flight status information in real-time. In order to look up real-time information about one or multiple flights. Data is being updated every 10 minutes

Flight Delay

This endpoint will allow you to retrieve the delay from a flight. Also, this endpoint will provide you with the SCHEDULED boarding, departure, landing and arrival times. And, as well, you will be receiving the ACTUAL boarding, departure, landing and arrival times.

Flight Schedules

The API is capable of tracking flights and retrieving flight status information in real-time. In order to look up real-time information about one or multiple flights, you can use the API's flights endpoint together with optional parameters to filter your result set.

Historical Flights

Apart from providing data about real-time flight, the API's flights endpoint is also capable of looking up data about historical flights.

Flight By Airline

Get all the active flights based on the IATA code of any airline.

Airline Routes

The API is capable of providing data about airline routes, updated every 24 hours. In order to get airline route data, use the API's routes endpoint along with a series of optional parameters to filter results.

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Scheduled Flights
Flight Prices
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The FlightLabs API was created to provide a simple and cost-effective way to access real-time global flight tracking data.
Global, real-time flight status updates are delayed by as little as 30-60 seconds. A real-time data integration with one of the most sophisticated aviation data vendors on the market enables this low delay and high frequency of data updates.
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Yes, absolutely. If you want to cancel your plan, simply go to your account and cancel in the Billing page. If you do cancel, you will continue to have access to all the features until the end of your billing cycle.
Prices are listed in US dollars. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Our payment system employs cutting-edge security technology and is powered by Stripe, one of the world's most dependable payment processors. If you have any problems paying with a credit card, you can use PayPal.
Our system provides a historical global flight data for the previous three months, allowing the FlightLabs API to deliver historical flight data, including information about routes, flight numbers, location, dates, times, airports, terminals, gates, aircrafts, and much more. More information is available in our API documentation.