FlightLabs Database

FlightLabs proudly presents its comprehensive aviation databases, meticulously curated for precision and reliability. Our databases cover airports, aircraft, airlines, cities, and countries, providing detailed insights into the world of aviation.

It presents a suite of specialized aviation databases encompassing airports, aircraft, airlines, aircraft types, cities, countries, and aviation taxes. These meticulously categorized databases offer a wealth of information for a comprehensive understanding of the aviation landscape. Explore the world of aviation with our detailed databases tailored to meet your specific data needs.

Full Database

Access all the essential information for your software, including airports, taxes, airlines, airplanes, benchmarking data, countries, cities, and much more to enhance your operations.


Airplanes Database

Explore aviation with our comprehensive airplane database. Each entry includes details like IATA type, airplane ID, airline IATA code, construction number, delivery date, engine type, and more. Data available until 2015


Airlines Database

Discover our extensive airlines database, offering crucial details for your aviation insights. This comprehensive dataset includes fleet average age, callsign, hub code, IATA code, ICAO code, founding date, airline name, country details, fleet size, and operational status.


Aircraft Types Database

Discover a wealth of information with our Aircraft Types Database, providing detailed insights into various aircraft models. Each dataset entry is a window into the world of aviation, featuring essential details such as IATA code, aircraft name, plane type ID, and a unique identifier.


Airport Database

Our Airport Database is an all-in, detailed database of all airports in the world. All internationally used codes such as IATA and ISO codes, names and local translations (where available), longitude and latitude information, country and timezone information, routes, contact detail and many more groups of data are included in this database.


Cities Database

Dive into our comprehensive cities database, a valuable resource for anyone seeking detailed information for travel, research, or business purposes. Each dataset entry is a rich compilation, including city ID, IATA code, country ISO2 code, Geoname ID (if available), latitude, longitude, city name, and timezone.


Countries Database

Uncover a comprehensive countries database, a valuable asset for a wide range of applications, from market research to global analytics. Each dataset entry provides a wealth of information, including capital city, currency code, FIPS code, country ISO2 code, country ISO3 code, continent, country ID, country name, currency name, country ISO numeric, phone prefix, and population.


Taxes Database

Unlock a comprehensive Taxes Database, a valuable resource for businesses, researchers, and professionals seeking insights into aviation-related taxes. Delve into each dataset entry, which offers key information such as tax ID, tax name, IATA code, and a unique identifier, providing unparalleled depth for your analyses and decision-making processes.


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